SS350 Trac Bar for Chevy Express

SS350 Trac Bar for Chevy Express

"The SuperSteer® SS350 Trac Bar for Chevy Express"

Discovering Stability on the Road in your Chevy Express!

If you're like most of us who cherish being out on the open road, you've probably had those heart-racing moments battling crosswinds or the wake of a passing truck. Those white-knuckle experiences can take the joy out of your journey and raise questions about safety. Today, we explore an innovative solution to this age-old problem with the Chevy Express van. Introducing the SuperSteer® SS350 Trac Bar!

Taming the "Tail Wagging the Dog" Phenomenon

You've felt it – that unexpected swing when you make a sudden turn. The sensation feels as if the tail end of your RV is about to break free, leaving you struggling for control. It's known in the RVing circles as the "Tail Wagging the Dog" phenomenon. Thankfully, SuperSteer® has a solution to bring that unruly tail in line. The SuperSteer® Rear Trac Bar is expertly designed to counteract the side-to-side motion, providing stability, control, and peace of mind. So, why should you consider adding this to your Chevy Express?

Benefits of the SuperSteer® SS350 Trac Bar:

  • Banishes Unwanted Side Shift: With this rear trac bar in place, you can say goodbye to uncontrolled and unintended side shifts of your rear axle.
  • Keeps the "Push-Pull" at Bay: Do passing trucks send your RV into a tizzy? The SuperSteer® Trac Bars are adept at countering the push-pull effects from those massive vehicles, ensuring you stay in your lane without a hitch.
  • Minimized Tail Wag and Sway: By reducing the rear sway, the trac bar ensures that you won’t be constantly correcting your course. Stability means you drive straight and true.
  • Enhanced Steering Control: A stabilized rear suspension makes steering more direct, responsive, and a lot more predictable.


Premium Quality and Design Features:

Crafted from high-quality heavy gauge steel, the SuperSteer® SS350 Rear Trac Bar is made to withstand the rigors of the road. The long-lasting polyurethane bushings ensure durability and seamless performance. A powder-coated finish provides an extra layer of protection against rust.
Installation is a breeze! Using OEM holes, you can have it set up in just 1-2 hours.

Final Thoughts


RVing is all about the joy of the journey and the freedom of the road. Equip your Chevy Express with the SuperSteer® SS350 Trac Bar, and you'll be cruising with enhanced stability, safety, and confidence. Let your RV adventures be defined by the destinations and memories, not the challenges of uncontrolled sway. Safe travels, everyone! 🚍✨

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