The Voice Of The Customer


The Voice Of The Customer

Welcome to "The Voice of the Customer" at, a dedicated page where our valued customers share their experiences and insights. This unique space is not just a testament to the quality of our products and services but also a rich source of information and inspiration. Hear directly from real customers, just like you, share their stories and solutions to various RV challenges. Their first-hand experiences and testimonials are not only heartening but also incredibly useful for anyone looking to enhance their RV's performance.


Whether you're a seasoned RV enthusiast or new to the world of motorhomes, "The Voice of the Customer" is the perfect place to expand your knowledge, get inspired, and see the real-world impact of our products. So, we invite you to explore these videos, learn from fellow RV owners, and see for yourself how SuperSteer can transform your RV experience!

Solving the Walmart Wobble on a Mercedes Sprinter 3500!

Transforming Ron's Ford F53: A Dramatic RV Makeover!

Ford F53 Drives Like an Airplane!

Revolutionizing Air Bag Equipped Motorhomes!

Ford F53 Owner Gets Game-Changing Upgrades!

Old Motorhomes VS New Motorhomes: Which is Best?

This Couple Drove 3,000 miles to solve their RV problem!

The Driver says "Bite the Bullet" it's well worth it!

We love it when he says: "They do even more than they Promise"!!

A couple comes into the shop during the pandemic. Watch and see how it went!


Here are some more videos done by SuperSteer's Raving Fans!

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