New Shocks for the Ford F53 Motorhome

New Shocks for the Ford F53 Motorhome

This is a game changer!

Are you an F53 motorhome owner who is looking for a smoother, more stable ride for your Ford class A motorhome? Your quest for a suspension solution just got a little more exciting! We're here to delve into the world of motorhome suspensions, focusing on a game-changing component: shock absorbers.


Understanding Motorhome Suspension

Motorhome suspensions are complex systems comprising various components working in harmony. No single part can address all ride issues, but one element critical to your motorhome's performance is the shock absorber.


The Evolution of F53 Motorhome Shocks

For nearly two decades, the Koni 8805-1018 and 8805-1019 FSDs have been the go-to shock absorbers for the Ford F53 class A chassis. However, with the F53 models getting bigger and heavier, especially since the 2008 release of the 24k and 26k GVW models, there's been a growing need for enhanced control.


We experimented with mounting four Koni FSD shocks per axle on the F53, elevating the handling but sometimes at the cost of a stiffer ride. This dilemma led to the exciting development of the new Koni EVO shocks for the F53.


Introducing Koni EVO Shocks for the F53

Koni's EVO series represents a significant leap in shock absorber technology. Featuring a larger bore piston than the 8805-series FSD shocks, the EVOs offer unparalleled fine-tuning capabilities, ensuring both exceptional handling and ride comfort. These shocks have shown impressive results in heavier diesel pusher applications and are now set to revolutionize the class A gas Ford coaches.


Our First-Hand Experience with the EVOs

We had the unique opportunity to test a prototype set of these EVO shocks on various F53 models at our shop in Grants Pass. Covering a range of weight ratings and wheelbase lengths, including the new V8 and older V10 models, these tests confirmed the EVOs' superior performance across all F53 variants.


Koni EVO vs. Traditional FSD Shocks

While the 8805-1018 and 1019 models are excellent upgrades from stock shocks, the EVO-series Konis stand out for those seeking the best. They masterfully balance ride quality with control over sway and porpoising tendencies, eliminating the need to compromise between handling and comfort.


Get Your Koni EVO Shocks Now!

After our successful prototype trials, we eagerly awaited our first production shipment of these revolutionary EVO shocks – and they're finally here! However, keep in mind that our initial stock is limited. If you're ready to transform your F53 motorhome's ride, don't wait. Contact us at 888-898-3281 or order online to secure your set.


In conclusion, upgrading your Ford F53 class A motorhome with Koni EVO shocks is more than just an improvement; it's a transformative experience for your vehicle. Say goodbye to bumpy rides and hello to smooth, stable, and enjoyable journeys with the latest in shock absorber technology. Get in touch today to upgrade your motorhome's suspension with Koni EVO shocks!


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