Koni Evo Shocks

Koni Evo Shocks

Elevate Your Journey with KONI EVO Shocks for Your Ford F53!


We know you cherish the open road and the freedom your motorhome brings. That's why we're excited to tell you to something that will give you a safer and happier travel experience— the KONI EVO shocks, also known as the “EVO 99.” Engineered specifically for the Ford F53 motorhome, these shocks are designed to turn every trip into a much more smooth adventure.


Why Upgrade to KONI EVO 99?

Unmatched Comfort: We've fine-tuned every aspect of the EVO 99 shocks to enhance your comfort. Reduce that bumpy ride and say hello to cruising with more ease, where each mile is as enjoyable as the destination.

Advanced Engineering: With superior valve engineering and robust construction, the EVO 99 not only smooths out rough roads but does so with unparalleled stability. It’s about adding a little happiness to your journeys and reducing road fatigue. This helps you to focus more on making good memories and a little less on rough driving.

Tailored for Your Ford F53:

These shocks were created to be a perfect fit for your Ford F53 enhancing every aspect of its performance. Imagine improved control, and a much better ride quality.


Educational Insight:

Upgrading to the right shocks is crucial for long-term comfort and vehicle maintenance. With KONI EVO 99, not only do you enhance ride quality, but you also protect your RV's longevity and performance.


Ready to Upgrade?



The road is calling, and with KONI, every journey is a chance to create unforgettable stories. Let’s make every trip better together!



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