Hitting the Road with Confidence

Hitting the Road with Confidence

Why is it Important to Buy American Made Motorhome Steering and Suspension Products?

Ah, the great American road trip. Is there anything more symbolic of freedom, adventure, and endless possibilities? We think not! Your trusty motorhome is the key to unlocking those iconic adventures, but let's face it, it's more than just a vehicle. It's your home away from home, the vessel for your fondest memories, and a witness to your wildest stories. So why on Earth would you skimp on quality when it comes to its steering and suspension? Hopefully, you wouldn't, but the question is, which RV products do you buy?

American-Made vs. Made-Overseas

The truth is buying American-made products can sometimes be a pain in the rear because they can cost more than products from other countries. Also, it might be tricky to find exactly what you want since there may be fewer options to choose from. Finding American-made products in stores can also be challenging, depending on where you live. Hmmm? As an RVer, there are so many questions to ponder.


Grab a snack and buckle up as we explore the bumpy (but oh-so-rewarding) world of American-made motorhome products and see if the journey is worth it.


"There's nothing like hitting the American road and traveling across this great nation we love."

BIG QUESTION: "Why is buying American Made RV products so expensive?"

First off, let me say right from the start that I get it. Most American-made RV products can be pricier than others, but think about what you're getting for that extra cost. When you buy American-made, you're helping create jobs and supporting our US economy. Is that important to you? What about having a product made with better quality material? How about a product that lasts longer and performs better?


Spoiler alert: it's all about quality, safety, and giving our beloved U.S. economy a little boost. Let's get this show on the road!


🚐 The Perks of American Quality and Craftsmanship 🚐


Creating Jobs: Keeping Americans Busy and Employed - By purchasing American-made motorhome steering and suspension products, you're not just getting an upgrade for your RV; you're also giving a boost to our fellow Americans' livelihoods. By supporting U.S. manufacturers like SuperSteer, you're helping to create jobs and contribute to a vibrant national economy.

Economic Ripples: How Buying American Lifts Local Economies - When you buy American-made products, it's like sending a high-five to the entire supply chain. From suppliers and distributors to retailers, your purchase has a ripple effect that benefits local economies all across the nation. Talk about a feel-good shopping spree!


Here at SuperSteer (a division of Henderson's Line-Up), we're proud to be an American-made company in the RV industry. Since our beginning in 1961, founded by a WWII bomber pilot who really loved his country, we've been committed to providing customers with top-notch, locally manufactured components for the ultimate driving experience. Sure, a lot has changed since 1961, but our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating people fairly will never go out of style. We go the extra mile for our customers, ensuring their peace of mind on those glorious American roads.


🎉 Hit the Road with Confidence: The American-Made Advantage 🎉


So, what's the bottom line? Why should you invest in American-made motorhome steering and suspension products? For a smoother, safer, and all-around happier journey, American-made components are the way to go. By choosing U.S. manufacturers like SuperSteer, you'll not only enjoy the benefits of high-quality, reliable products but also contribute to the strength and prosperity of the national economy. It's a win-win situation and the perfect ingredient for countless unforgettable road trips ahead. So go on, hit the road with confidence, knowing that your motorhome is equipped with the very best American-made steering and suspension products. Because when it comes to your adventures, every bump, curve, and straightaway should be smooth sailing (or, well, driving).


So the next time you're cruising down Route 66 or exploring the scenic byways of this great nation, remember that your American-made motorhome steering and suspension products aren't just keeping you safe and comfy; they're also supporting the economy and the hardworking folks who make it all possible. Now that's what we call a road trip with a purpose!


So go on, intrepid traveler, embrace the open road with your trusty, American-made-equipped motorhome. Discover new sights, make new memories, and know that you're part of something bigger – a proud tradition of quality, safety, and good ol' American spirit. Happy travels and God Bless.


Here's a great conversation with Rod from Roadmaster and John with SuperSteer!

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