2021 Ford E450 Class C

2021 Ford E450 Class C

A new RV doesn't always mean a better handling RV.

This year sure has seen a huge surge in people interested in the RVing lifestyle. We have felt this at our company due to the record number of steering and suspension part sales.


It seems due the air travel restrictions people may have just decided to hit the road and explore this great country of ours instead of traveling internationally.


A big question on the minds of many is:

"Do I buy a New RV or Fix up an older one?"

While buying new definitely has its benefits, it doesn't always mean the coach will handle better going down the road. Take the the owner of a brand New Ford 2021 E450 in the video above for example. He came into our shop after spending over $100,000 on a new RV. He was not at all satisfied with the driving experience. He ended putting on several upgrades to get the driving experience he desired.

RV travel is at an all time high.

One important note to all new 2021 Ford E450 owners. Ford made some changes to the rear end and you now need a different Trac Bar than previous years. Due to the relocation on the brake lines the SS450 Rear Trac bar will NOT fit the 2021 Chassis. Please look for our new design, the SS451 by clicking here.


In case you are wondering, a trac bar is a stabilizing bar that works to improve your steering and handling capabilities while you are out on the road. As you might imagine, RVs are prone to less than responsive handling if the proper parts are not in place. Because most RV are so large, they are more difficult to control.


For these reasons, trac bars are an incredibly important part of any safe, dependable RV. When you are driving an RV, you probably want to ensure that your trip goes as smooth as possible. Trac bars help you achieve a safe ride, regardless of where you are headed.


The choice to buy new or fix up an older one is yours. Just keep in mind that now matter what you decide we can help have a safer and happier driving experience.


God bless you.


2021 Ford E450

SS451 Rear Trac Bar

Side view of 2021 E450

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