Tire Blow-Out with Trim Unit Installed

No one ever wants a tire blowout, especially on the front tires! Thankfully, just prior to a trip, this couple had installed a Safe-T-Plus & SuperSteer Trim Unit. A front-end blow-out occurred and they share about the blowout protection they experienced!

Trim Unit IN ACTION!

Join David Bott of Outside Our Bubble as he shows you the effectiveness of the SuperSteer Trim Kit

Trailing Arms

Source Engineering has developed a solution to the problem of breaking and cracking rear trailing arms. See the tremendous difference and join the customers who are having their trailing arms replaced at Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon. The results are amazing, especially when the new trailing arms are combined with the new ride enhancement kit.

Paul Rosen with a Freightliner XC

Paul talks about what kind of an affect the installation of Koni shocks, a set of SuperSteer Motion Control Units and a SuperSteer Bellcrank has made on his coach.

Keltner "Doc" and Ccilia Farris - 1999 Safari TREK

A Nice little review with some long time customers of Henderson's Line Up