Truck Installs


Installing a Safe-T-Plus on a Dodge 2500/3500 4x4

The Safe-T-Plus is the best defense against loss of control due to a blow out. This item can be fitted to a wide variety of trucks and RV's

How to Install Wheel Spacers

SuperTrack wheel spacer for rear hubs. Improves cornering and true tracking. Corrects factory front-to-rear tracking deviation. Use on GM, Ford and Dodge trucks, vans and motorhomes. Increase track width by 2 inches per side by installing wheel spacers on vehicle's rear hubs using the original studs.

How to Install an Idler Support & Cognito Brace Kit for GM/Chevy

Installation video for SS175K8 Idler Support and Brace Kit. Stronger cast aluminum housing and heavy duty tapered roller bearings reduce play and eliminate steering slop. The result is precise steering, reduced effort and long component / tire life. Prevents excessive wear on pitman arm and idler arm joints.

GM/Chevy 2500/3500 Sway Bar Install

Join Tommy Henderson as he installs a sway bar into a Chevy Silverado with the Duramax to help eliminate body roll.

GM/Chevy 2500/3500 HD Tie-Rod Install

John Henderson of SuperSteer gives you a few pointers on how to easy the install a heavy duty tie-rod

Bypass Oil Filtration System

Here in this video, we will show you how to install an oil filtration system into a Chevy Duramax 2500.

SS800 TracBar

Installation of the new SS800 TracBar for 2011 and up GM 2500/3500 with box frame