SuperSteer Parts Has Come of Age!

It’s been said that the most demanding part of driving an RV is the steering and handling of the rig itself. It is heavy, not always well balanced, and a challenge to keep control of in windy conditions, or even when a truck passes you by.

While most manufacturers focus on creature comforts you can enjoy once you get to your destination, at SuperSteer, we focus on making your trip to the destination a pleasurable experience as well.
With that in mind…

We have designed and built the very best aftermarket products that affect steering and handling of your coach. We are able to greatly reduce sway, porpoising and tail wagging, while dramatically improving the day-to-day experience of sitting behind the wheel of your home on wheels as you cruise comfortably towards your favorite destination.

Bell Crank Bell CrankWe’ve been doing this since the 1980’s and what began as a quest to solve common handling problems for our customers in Grants Pass, Oregon, soon mushroomed to serving a nationwide base of enthusiastic customers. Innovations like the SuperSteer Bell Crank P30, P32 and P37 series for Workhorse and Chevy or the SS100 Bell Crank for Freightliner and Magnum made such an impact on driving performance that folks routinely plan their vacations around coming to Grants Pass to have their coaches retrofitted with our parts by our parent company, Henderson’s Line-Up.
In the last two years…

Despite the tough economy, SuperSteer has experienced explosive growth as we service the RV industry throughout North America. This has led us to decide to create two distinct websites, one for SuperSteer Parts and one for Henderson’s Line-Up.

Although Henderson’s Line-Up is still the parent company, SuperSteer now has its own website, blog and store to service dealers and end users alike who love how our parts make driving a coach, safe and fun again. So, going forward, please bookmark our site as and visit often.

Once our busy season slows down in the winter, we will turn our attention to remaking our store into an even better shopping experience for you. In the meantime, we would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to make our store easier to use and our website more helpful for you.

Thank you for your continued support!

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