How Safe-T-Plus Saves Lives Daily…

Perhaps no after-market part has done more to save the lives of RV owners as well as SUV, bus and industrial vehicle drivers than a product known as Safe-T-Plus, manufactured by United Safety Apparatus, Inc. in Decatur, GA. Safe-T-Plus provides positive centering capabilities, that keep your vehicle steering safely in the event of a catastrophic tire failure. It also reduces wear and tear on all components associated with the steering assembly.

Safe-T-PlusThe inventor of this remarkable safety device, Mr. Sexton, worked in the trucking industry and spent his first 10 years on the road. Regrettably, many of Mr. Sexton’s close friends passed away in highway accidents during that time because of front-tire blowouts, causing them to lose control of their vehicles. Thankfully, he decided to do something about this inherent weakness more evident in larger vehicles.

With my own eyes, I have watched videos of trucks, buses and emergency vehicles experiencing devastating deliberately set front tire blowouts at high speeds and experiencing no lane drift or pull to either side as they safely exited the highway.

I have listened to the testimony of folks who have experienced a devastating high speed front tire blowout on their 99 Country Coach Magnum while traveling at 70 mph on a road with a crown on it due to age and usage. To hear first hand what happened, take a listen to this video…

They also had a trim unit installed, which virtually eliminates wander when driving on uneven surfaces or in windy conditions. They had their Safe-T-Plus unit installed by our parent company, Henderson’s Line-Up in Grants Pass, OR and believe it literally saved their life.

Their testimony is one of a long list of many and there is no record of the Safe-T-Plus unit ever failing in the event of a front wheel blowout. If you haven’t had one of these installed on your coach, you owe it to yourself and your family to have one installed. They are reasonably priced, easy to install and a real lifesaver.

We are very happy to partner strategically with Safe-T-Plus to distribute these incredible products far and wide and to help you and your customers drive much more safely. Give us a call at 1-888-898-3281 for pricing and delivery options.

Wishing you safer, happier driving now and always!

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