How a Rear Trac Bar Will Tame The Tail Wag Syndrome…

Have you ever felt that side-to-side motion of your motorhome when changing lanes or turning corners? You know… the feeling that the rear of the coach is wagging its tail and affecting the safety and stability of your ride.

Well, if you have experienced that, it is most likely because your coach needs a rear trac bar, the primary purpose of which is to stop your motorhome’s side-to-side shift, giving you a better ride without interfering with the coach’s handling.

The design not only eliminates side play and tail wag, but also oversteer, push from trucks as they pass you on the highway, the phenomenon known as road wander and delayed steering response and sway.

If you have ever experienced any of these issues, you know what I’m talking about. But here’s the problem… A lot of coach owners think those issues simply “come with the territory”, because after all, “It’s a big rig… that’s how they’re supposed to handle.” But that is not true.

Inside R V - DiningThey may have come off the showroom floor like that because most manufactures focus on the eye candy of the interior design while paying less attention to ride quality, adhering only to the minimum safety standards required by law. Not too many buyers come by the motorhome lot and ask to see under the coach and look for trac bars, sway bars, Safe-T-Plus steering control devices, etc.

They want to see inside it, sit on the sofa, lay on the bed, check out the kitchen, sit at the drivers seat – while it is parked – and never know what they’re missing by not asking about the chassis upon which it all sits, or the steering and suspension that make safe travel possible if fitted properly.

PastedGraphic-5Well, one of the simple to install but tremendously helpful after-market parts you can install on your coach is the rear trac bar from SuperSteer. It is manufactured to our specs with greater density and strength than others you can get. This means it actually works better because it is stronger.

Think of it this way… Would you rather restrain a heavy object with a thin piece of metal or a stronger, thicker one that could actually restrain the side to side movement of your several ton coach as you make an emergency lane shift at 60 miles per hour?

To know which trac bar best works for your coach, give us a call or search our store at the top right of the screen for “trac bars”.

Until next time, may you have safer and happier driving…

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