“I’m a firm believer in the product [Henderson’s] puts on a vehicle….I drove from Florida to get here to have them do the work.

The improvement was amazing"

Stanley & Danielle Bell, Satellite Beach, FL



"...The trip from Grants Pass up into Washington was almost unbelievable. I guess I can't say it handles like a Porsche yet but it's getting close.
The handling is really almost like a car. Being the driver, I was extremely impressed and Mary felt very good and more comfortable about the ride as the passenger.

Thank you very much for all you did for our coach. Maybe sometimes we as customers don't really express or show the appreciation we feel like we should. Thanks again."

- Dick Ellefson

"Wanted to let you know how the shocks and suspension upgrades are working on the motor home.

After you did the work we took a trip to the midwest (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas).

The coach rode much better. The porpoising completely disappeared, lean/sway on corners reduced.”

- Rod Bowman, Eugene, OR



“Your staff is extremely conscientious, considerate, meticulous and professional. Our technician, Eric, suggested we might not need Motion Control Units.
(He) could have easily sold me…and I never would have known the difference.”

Arnie Larson, Aloha, OR

“On our way to the Western Area FMCA Rally, we found that our supplementary braking system was not working properly.

When we arrived at the Rally, we met the folks at Henderson’s Line-Up. They listened to our problem, sent a technician to our site, and promptly repaired the equipment.

We recommend them for their friendliness, competency, and helpful attitude.”

John W. Lackey, Costa Mesa, CA



"...I can't say enough good things about Henderson's. Our 2007 Monaco Cayman 34 used to be a handful to drive. I was looking for a break after about two hours of driving because of the fatigue from trying to keep it going straight down the road. The coach always felt top heavy. Road bumps transferred motion from side to side causing lots of sway and corresponding wheel correction. Going in and out of a driveway was like riding a pendulum as the coach rocked back and forth. Going around a turn you had to slow to below the posted speed to keep the coach from feeling like it was going to roll over.

ALL of these BAD handling characteristics are now gone. I drove for four hours from Grants Pass to Redbluff where we had overnight reservations at Durango RV Resort. I could have kept going because the ride is VASTLY improved thanks to the sway bar and motion control valves. The ride is now like a high quality luxury sedan. The new Michelin XRZ tires installed at Henderson's are also a much better tire than the original Goodyear G670 tires. Thanks to Henderson for installing the tires and coordinating with Les Schwab for supplying the tires.

My sincere compliments to you, Robert, Jim, Pete, and all of your staff who made my wife and I and our two dogs feel welcome.

Once again, THANK YOU to the staff of Henderson's. I'm looking forward to long drives once I get the coach back."

John and Donna Kaehms



"We just had to write and tell you right away, … What a difference! Driving our Motorhome is like Night and Day. Before it had so much play and sway it was a chore to drive and it didn’t feel safe. When a large truck passed it was scary there was so much motion. We felt every bump and patch in the road. And if you swerved to the side of the road, it was horrible. After doing the RPA to see what it was going to cost to fix everything, we almost fell over. But we both felt this RV was not safe to drive the way it was. Doing just one piece at a time didn’t seem a productive or economically sound way to do it. We decided to bite the bullet and do it all. We are very glad we did.

Now, after you did the work and put on all the pieces (or jewelry we can’t even see), It is a pleasure to drive. We can now say that we can stay in the lane we want to be in, not where the Motorhome wants to be. We hardly feel the bumps and patches and the passing big rigs don’t have very much effect. Not having to fight the steering wheel, makes for a much more enjoyable drive. The 115 mile drive home was an excellent test.

We want to thank you and all your people, especially Eric for the professional work and friendly attitude. It was good to see people working together. Our dog Rusty enjoyed her stay too.

Thank you again and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others we meet along the way."

Joe and Kathie Longbrake



"In late September 2011, we took delivery of a 2012 Winnebago Adventurer on the Ford F53 Chassis. During the test drive prior to purchase and the subsequent drive home, the motorhome behaved as expected but there was no wind and we were still on our honeymoon with this new motorhome.

About 2 weeks later on a drive home from Salem with lots of wind and rain with heavy traffic, the Adventurer was almost not safe to drive...not by me anyway. Something had to be done with the swaying and constant steering inputs counteracting the sway. It was as if the driver's seat was sitting on a bowling ball! Found Henderson's Line Up on the internet and made an appointment for the Road Performance Assessment (RPA). Once there, we loaded into the Winnebago and off we went with a professional behind the wheel. There is a checklist the crew goes by with a subjective score given to each test on the checklist. The one with the most dramatic results for us was the emergency lane change. This maneuver brought out the worst in this motorhome setting atop this chassis and convinced us immediately the result was not acceptable.

Once back at the shop, the list of suggested upgrades was provided and we agreed with their suggestions. They installed a Safe-T-Plus steering control, 4 Koni FSD Shocks, SuperSteer Trac Bar, Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars front and rear. After the recent purchase of this motorhome, we were not mentally nor financially ready for such an outlay of funds for these upgrades. Having said that, we couldn’t drive this motorhome the way it handled either and we had the upgrades installed. The motorhome now drives like it should. We have driven it about 1,000 miles after the upgrade and truly enjoy this motorhome now. I would drive this unit anywhere and look forward to the trip. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Henderson and their entire crew who worked on our motorhome for their professionalism and courtesy. They made the experience pleasant."

Roger and Ellen Williams, 2012 Winnebago Adventurer Medford, Oregon



“We purchased our Road King shocks at Amana, Ia, for our 01' Country Coach Intrigue. We noticed the difference when we hit the first bump. What a ride. We have a Magna ride now. Since the install, we have driven 2,000 miles over many different roads. We were considering trading for a smoother, heavy ride, but not now. And if we ever trade, the first thing I will do is install Road King Shocks.”

Paul & Nancy Cummings



“Our motorhome pulled to the side…wouldn’t track down the highway. Henderson’s installed SuperSteer bell cranks, springs, & sway bar. We had…already researched on the Internet and (Henderson’s) came highly recommended…. Got us right in, stayed overtime…even took care of an electrical problem.”

Steve & Beverly Heising, San Diego, CA



Driving relaxed – “Our Trek went from a piece of junk to a wonderful driving machine! We went to Crescent City, then up the Oregon coast to Tillamook,…lots of side winds, rutted roadways, etc. After driving all day, we were still relaxed and feeling good, not all beat up….don’t think I could have maintained control prior to our visit at your facility."

Bob and Linda Fitzgerald, Tillamook, OR



“We stopped by Henderson's Line-Up and had a SuperSteer® Trac Bar installed by the guys who know it best. Driving on to Seattle (450 miles) was like night and day. I could drive like ‘Look Ma, no hands’ for quite some distances and the motorhome and Miata towed vehicle tracked like they were on rails!”

Dean Lewellan, Sun City West, AR



“Our new 5th Airborne hitch & Trailair Suspension sure did smooth out the ride….90% of the jerking is gone. On I-5’s chuckholes, that trailer sits back there and just floats up and down…don’t even know it’s there. We were very impressed with the level of service we received from Henderson's Line-Up."

Darwin & Donna Betteridge, Central Point, OR



"I had already lost a set of dishes and a mirrored wardrobe door that flew off the hinges. I installed your MCUs [Motion Control Units] at each air bag. Now I can drive over chuckholes, dips in driveways, speed bumps, etc. without having to hold on to the steering wheel and lean in the opposite direction!”

Greg Colla, Hollister, CA



“My coach…didn’t want to stay on the road. Squishy, rocking feeling like a boat. Henderson’s took us for a Road Performance Assessment [RPA]. They showed me what was wrong. I really appreciated we could spend as much or as little as we wanted….[Then, I traveled] from Oregon to Missouri. It drove like a Cadillac. I left an open soda sitting on the dining table. 150 miles down the road…the soda hadn’t moved. That’s how stable this coach is now.”

Rich & Lynn Clements, Selma, OR



“I know I can depend on Henderson’s Line-Up to do a thorough repair job on my coach — doing it right the first time. We’re from Florida and we drove a 1,000 miles more to have Henderson’s Line-Up work on our coach."

Phil Warner, Largo, FL



“I knew Safe-T-Plus was a great product and thought about installing one for a long time. The SuperSteer Trim Unit [developed by Roy Mueller] answered all my concerns. I’ve driven the unit in all types of wind and road conditions and it has performed flawlessly. Safe-T-Plus benefits have always been there. Now, [Henderson & SuperSteer] have made the drivability & safety in one package [by combining Safe-T-Plus & Trim Unit].”

Rick Duggan, Moreno Valley, CA



“We appreciated the professionalism that you and your staff exhibited from our buying experience to the installation. The Safe-T-Plus and Rear Trac Bar did stabilize our E450 Lazy Daze to the wind and truck passing, plus gave us the assurance that we can handle a blow out on one of the front tires. My wife will now comfortably drive our Lazy Daze.”

Ross B. Taylor



“Just a note to let you Know how satisfied I have been with the…brake system you installed for me at the last Redmond Rally and the Koni shocks you put on at last years Monaco Rally in Salem. I really appreciated the honest straight forward and friendly manor you conduct your business in. Unfortunately in today’s market place it is becoming more difficult to find a business you can trust. As a result, I have recommended your company to all my friends and several have had the same experience. In fact I just received a email from a friend…who said after talking with me he had made an appointment to have a brake system installed by you."

Jerry Peterson, Salem, OR



“It’s almost like driving a completely different coach…even around town…through dips, going around corners as well as out on the open road. I feel much safer when I need to go faster without extreme swaying and bouncing. I really feel it was worth the trip (to Grants Pass).”

George Dumas, Goleta, CA



“I just had a braking system installed in my tow car by your company and would like to pass along my compliments to a professional and very courteous staff. You can be sure that should I ever need work done and I can possibly bring my coach to the area, Henderson’s will be the company to work on my motorhome.”

Bill Eckels, Livingston, TX



“Hooray, the wandering steering on my Trek 24 has been fixed thanks to Henderson’s Line-Up. First, I put on your SuperSteer® bell crank support and there was a noticeable improvement. After that, I had it aligned using Henderson’s settings (quite different from Chevrolet’s) and I am satisfied.”

Robert Hayward, Seattle, WA



“In this era of rip-off garages and genuinely incompetent mechanics, it is truly a pleasure to find a business that still has moral values and the ability to perform good work for a fair price. My three visits to your shop have all been pleasant experiences and the cost was more than fair.”

Sherman Acord



"Thank you for the fine braking system you installed on our tow car and motorhome. Only a week and it has already saved us from an accident. …in Los Angeles on one of the freeways, traffic was flowing along at 60 plus mph and all of a sudden it stopped. We would have rear-ended the vehicle in front of us had it not been for our new braking system. Thank you. Thank you.”

Troy & Sally Fox, Jefferson, Oregon