The History of Henderson’s Line-Up

Henderson’s Line-Up was founded in 1961 by Floyd Henderson as a means to provide for his family, which included eight children and his wife, Ann. Originally, the business offered alignment, steering and brake work for just about any vehicle that rolled into the shop. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I-5 was just being built a few miles away, and we had one of the first, on-the-car, high-speed wheel balancers in town.

Since those early days, we have worked continually to better serve our customers. We strive to do this with better people, better training, and the most comprehensive array of tools and equipment available. By the late 80’s, we began servicing the steering, suspension and braking needs of the recreational vehicle industry, which lead to many other opportunities.

SuperSteer was born...

Because there were no products to solve some of the problems our customers were experiencing, we established our SuperSteer manufacturing division. In 1991, Robert Henderson developed the first SuperSteer part for the industry. It was a bell crank for the P30 chassis. Soon, we discovered the many variables in wheelbase, overall length, overhang past the rear wheels, and weight distribution. Quickly, we realized that we had to find a “common denominator” of a good-handling coach. We subsequently designed a systemic approach to determine what the numbers needed to be to have a good handling vehicle. We trademarked the process and call it the Road Performance Assessment, or RPA.

Today, Henderson’s Line-Up and SuperSteer offer a full-line of products designed for “Safer and Happier Driving”.  We travel all over the country servicing trucks, trailers and motorhomes at various events. From those events and shows, we have established a nationwide reputation for knowledge, quality products and the best possible service.

A lot of things have changed since 1961, but some things remain the same, and always will. Things like honesty, integrity, and treating people fairly. Also, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers and providing peace of mind for them when they’re on the road. At Henderson’s Line-Up, we strive to think the best, give the best, believe the best, and expect the best from ourselves and our customers.

This was in the early 1960's at 6th & Hillcrest in Grants Pass


2011 Current location 417 Henderson Lane